About this website

The ghostoffice.co.uk website is the official website that accompanies the Ghost Office TV series (currently in Pilot status) and is the GO TO place for all things paranormal.

It is the site where you can become a (GO) Ghost Office Member, Apply to have your Paranormal situation investigated and where you will find all information related to the Ghost Office Cases and more.

Becoming a (GO) Ghost Office Member enables you to open up the website further and provides access to much more content & information, video footage, interaction with other members and the GO Team, invitations, discounts, special offers and much more*.

We are also in the process of setting up the official Ghost Office Shop where you can purchase exclusive Ghost Office memorabilia, Books written by our team and associates and many more relevant products. Be sure to keep checking back for new items frequently added.


About the TV Show

Info about the TV show will be added soon prior to the Pilot launch date (TBC)








About the Team

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*offers and access vary depending on your chosen membership level