Become one of our first TV Show investigations

The search continues for investigations for our first series.

We have our team, we have our our unique concept, we have recorded our first 2 episodes but we still need you and your paranormal inhabitants.

We have been recording our first pilot episodes during the summer of 2018 with an aim complete the 1st 2 pilot episodes by Autumn/Fall 2018, but we need to keep this going.

Do you have a legitimate ongoing paranormal case for us to explore?

Do you need help to try to simply understand it or possibly stop and/or remove it?

Are you available for our team to come and investigate through the course of 1 to 2 days.

If you answered yes then read our terms and conditions, privacy policy and give us an initial contact with a brief outline of your ghost case/situation. In these early episodes stage you do not have to register for membership to apply for an investigation, If we find your case is suitable our investigation application forms will be sent to you after your initial contact. However why not register, its free for Primary Membership and takes less than a minute to do and we do not hold any private information about you, register today and enjoy all the additional benefits. Both Primary Membership (free) and Advanced (small annual fee) are now open so why not sign up.

We have already selected 2 investigations for the Pilot period, if you are not selected for our first short series it does not necessarily mean that your application was not suitable. Following our short first season stage, if your activity is still continuing then we really need and want to hear from you again so please do get back in touch.