Signed Copy of The Evidence Room by Matt Brown


Signed Copy of The Evidence Room by Matt Brown

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The Evidence Room

Written by Ghost Office Co Founder Matt Brown

“From out of nowhere there comes a sweeping onslaught of murder. A game of cat and mouse begins as DCI Henry Faulkner and DS Billy Cray are assigned to the case, leading the investigation into capturing this horrific serial killer. The murders begin, so grotesque in nature, mutilations that leave all involved stunned and riddled with fear.

Tension mounts, as with each murder, no concrete evidence can be recovered. The pressure begins to cause ripples within the team. Faulkner’s boisterous and arrogant persona clashing with the demons of Cray’s troubled past leave the core of this investigation, at times, in tatters!

Who is this serial killer? How can they elude and stay invisible for so long; like a ghost? Does this case have more of a story to tell than meets the eye? Is there a hidden secret, a detail that has gone unnoticed?

Victim, upon victim………….”