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Why live your life in fear, when help is right here?

We’re excited to now be accepting applications for our TV based paranormal investigations. Who knows where we’ll be led in the UK? In the darkest crevasses of Britain skulk things yet uncovered, with people living in denial or fear from what else lurks in their home. Pilot Episode is on the way!

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal. To have something so well documented yet still remaining unproven is a like a red rag to a bull. Life can be so predictable for someone with a low boredom threshold, but with the paranormal it’s an exploration yet to be ventured, history yet to be made. However, I am conscious there may be boundaries which shouldn’t be crossed, therefore I have nothing but respect for the world I’m walking into, the dimension unseen where the rules are undefined. ” Matt Brown

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We’d like our audience to be as interactive as possible, creating trust as we go in search of the unknown together. Your input on our investigations will be invaluable. Something we may have missed when viewing footage or listening to audio you may find. You can play a key part in our team. We’ll constantly be inviting our members to get involved and share in our experiences. Together we have the best chance of success.


Famous people and ghostly interactions

Do ghost stories become more credible if the person telling them is of high standing?


I think you’ll all like this next story, if you haven’t heard it already.


Winston Churchill, while staying in the White House, would occasionally retire late and take a long hot bath, while drinking scotch and smoking a cigar to relax. One evening, he climbed out of the bath, naked albeit for his cigar and strolled into the adjoining bedroom. He was surprised to see Abraham Lincoln standing by the fireplace, leaning on the mantle. Churchill, being quick on the uptake, took his cigar from his mouth and said “Good evening, Mr President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Lincoln smiled softly and disappeared.