Thomas E Jenkins

Thomas E. Jenkins – Production Manager, Camera, Director Of Photography

is a cinematographer based in London. Born and raised in UK, Thomas began studying cinematography at an early age of 17. He is a graduate of University of Creative Arts.


“My passion for creative freedom allows me to seek why your story should exist, by unraveling the characters state of mind I’m able to create genuine images that ultimately shape true storytelling. This is where I find my reason as a filmmaker, I thrive for collaborating with those that share the same values and beliefs, making sure regardless of the situation great energy and respect is felt unconsciously.”

Thomas has experience from shooting for Dove, Pandora, Renault, Debenhams and Bershka. Also shooting Music videos, Fashion through to Corporates, alongside focus pulling and camera operating on higher budget productions, where he gained invaluable on set knowledge learning from more experienced cinematographers through their workflow and most importantly the energy they create on set, learning to allow others to work to their full creative potential.

But it’s within narrative films that grant him the most creative freedom, working as an Action Director of Photography on various short films and at the age of 23 his first feature film “Hush” is due to for completion in 2017/18.

Primarily working in fast paced environments such as choreographed fight sequences where he naturally operates himself. With experience shooting a wide range of formats from Digital 6K and HD down through to DSLR’s.

Though I am a young cinematographer, I understand life isn’t measured by your successes, but the pain and sacrifices one goes through to achieve greatness. A mind set that strengthens my art for story telling.